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Pera Mo Palaguin Mo by Francisco Colayco pdf

Another investment books our” I say what can you do with your money” Fransico Colayco.  I’m looking for Wikipedia information about the book and so far all I know that Francisco J. Colayco is an author, founder and Chairman of Colayco Foundation.  They teach financial literacy in the Philippines. Let’s take a quick snapshot look of the book.

Pera Mo Palaguin Mo by Francisco Colayco pdf
Ratings: 4.1 to 4.5 Goodread and Lazada (ratings) 

Author of four best seller books for personal finance “Wealth Within Your Reach: Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo!”, “Making Your Money Work: Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo! 2”, “Pera Palaguin Workbook (co-authored with Prof. Helen Valderrama. The books speak for itself the man talked about Money, finances and financial literacy.  I’m planning to have one of Franciso Colayco’s books simply because it is very basic and the fact that he is active on social media and providing seminars to OFW. That shows that he is willing to help and teach people when it comes to managing finances. 

Okay I already have two posts on this blog about personal finances or managing money? Why? -  First to become financial literate and free everybody wants to have financial freedom. They say money can‘t buy happiness, but they are wrong let me give you an example:

Juan work for money 8 hours a day. Need to sleep 5-8 hours’ days now let’s compute: 10-12 hours in the office plus the travel etc.

10 – Office ours *
8 – sleep * 
6 free hours  
*estimated hours

Now, that is just an estimated hour and 6 free hours for your happiness and what is it all about?. Families, Hobbies, Love ones etc, etc. Now tell me if money can’t buy happiness. We are working for money so it’s impossible that money can’t buy happiness. Btw – almost a rant here back to Mr. Francisco Colayco’s books. I’m interested on the book Making Your Money Work everybody love that, but most of us are chasing money to pay our monthly bills and if there is a book that would just teach us on how Money work for us that would be great! If there would be a secret formula of success I bet this book would be a killer, however there is no blueprint for success and the only thing that you can do is try again. 

The book will not give you step by step formula but it will definitely give you idea on what are you doing wrong. I will try to gather and look for book resource when it comes to financial literacy, I don’t want getting left. Some people did it in a great passion and even helping others as form of pay it forward. Maybe someday I can inspire people we never know, putting up this blog might help me gain some audience, but the time, work and dedication for the file research is very difficult that it would be very frustrating if you are alone and unable to find the pdf file download that you need.

Thank you to the team team of research scourging forum sites Google,Yahoo and even Facebook . I hope you will like this post, share and even recommend it  to your friend.

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