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Rich Dad Poor Dad ebook pdf

I own a copy of this book and if you are into investment and want to become financially literate and free I recommend this book.  Let’s take a look on the quick information guide: 

Rich Dad Poor Dad ebook pdf

Author: Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter 
Language:  English 
Country: United States 
Label:  Self-help, personal finance, entrepreneurship, business, investing, economics
Pages:  207

A good read for people who value money. The book is based on Robert Kiyosaki's childhood, which highlight two different attitudes towards money. He calls them the Rich Dad and The Poor Dad both influenced him on decisions about money and life. The book discussed his investment ventures, the difference between assets, liabilities, income and cash flow. The Rich Dad Poor Dad sold over 32 million copies and more than 51 languages across the country.  This is the first book that I purchased when I learn about investment and stocks. This is  not a typical book that will guide you on how to invest, but this will enlighten you on how to handle money, manage expenses and being financially free. 

 The book jump starts me on investing and learning stock market – I’m not good at it, but at least I know the basic and Mr. Kiyosaki has started the fire in me when it comes to investment. He taught that typical mindset of our parents is once you finish college look for a stable job. While the Rich Dad taught him to invest or move on different quadrant like business or becoming an investor.  He also states his experience being broke and use that as motivation.  A regular employee working for a big company, he is planning something big for his Family. The book is truly inspirational on how he becomes big and known to the financial world. We have are very own speaker, financial adviser like Francisco Colayco and Bro. Bo Sanchez. 

A very good book if you just starting from scratch to know the basic principle of investment and terms about assets and liabilities. I know this book has a series and as far as I know he had books that feature the President of the United State Mr. Donald Trump.

Right now I’m going back and scanning the book that I purchased five years ago and the funny thing is I almost forgot the story and reading it brings back a lot of memories. and how was my life 5 years ago to the present. A lot of changes from, new job, and new investment ventures. Failed project to sweet success and one thing that I learned from it never quit. “People who failed are most likely to succeed”

Excerpt for the book from Honolulu magazine:

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad is not your usual book on money ... it is easy to read and its key messages- such as getting rich takes focus and nerve- are very simple” 

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