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Trading Code by Jason Cam pdf

Third post and here we are again talking about investment books this time a trading book. Trading code by Jason Cam pdf. I’m very interested learning something new like trading stock market, or even Forex trading.  I don’t have this book and I’m looking for it. I don’t have any idea on what’s in it, but the tile and the books is very popular. Trading Code

I got a chance to view a snippet of the book and it discussed about technical analysis. And that was a good thing about it. I was expecting a beginner book on how to invest into the stock market from buying low, selling high, need to select a broker, but The Trading code comes with Technical Analysis posting a chart, including candlestick and different kind of method. The books also had a snippet or a screen shot of the Philippine Stock Market (PSEI)   I am new to stock market and I have the guilt that why in the hell that I did not start learning this kind of stuff when I was in college, maybe I’m a millionaire right now. lol Arrg – back to the book it is all about a principle and a practice of winning or trading in the Philippine Stock market.  My recent post was about Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and Colayco all about “Pera Mo Palaguin Mo” both in pdf file.

I tried searching for Jason Cam expecting same result as Bro. Bo or Colayco which is active on Social Media. I haven’t heard or watch him on television and not a single thing about him on news. All I know is he has a Facebook page where you can order the book.  Sorry if probably missed him on my search, but since he is the author, I guess he just wants to keep a private life, create a book, helps people to decode the Philippine stock market.  Unlike Franciso Colayco, Bro Sanchez and Robert Kiyosaki they do have their own page book page sharing information. I even read a post on the Facebook page if Jason Cam has a group chat so that they can ask him some questions. That shows that the man is most likely active in social media because of the Facebook page.

I might get a copy of this book I think the book is worth P8++, I don’t have the exact price and I’m sorry. The team is trying to get a pdf copy of if which is very difficult to find we don’t want to get slapped with copyright infringement and take this beautiful site down.  Okay, I hope I can get a copy of the book before the year end, I‘m very excited about how the Philippine Stock market is gaining momentum reaching all time high. 

To order the book you can log in to Facebook and go to this website by the way 4.9 rating out of 252 reviews that is pretty much a high. You can click on the shop Facebook button and will be directed to a Google form where you can submit your shipping information. 

Let me give you a snippet of Trading Code Order form:

Are you a beginning trader who has opened an account but is practically clueless about proper trading? Or are you an advanced trader or investor seeking to improve your techniques and portfolio?
Then this book is perfect for you!!!

Download at your own. We are not affiliated with the download link posted below 


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