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About Ebooks for Free

Our Mission

When it comes to our mission we do have a vision that will serve a hooray and leave a smile on your face! We literally care for our visitors and providing a positive user experience will definitely give us a boost on posting valuable content on our website. We do have one mission and one goal on why we build the website. I’m not saying that we are the best pdf ebooks file for free uploader, however with the content and validation of hardworking men and women of the team I consider them to be the best Yes, we hate piracy and such thing that is why we are very careful on posting content to our website we validate them 101% and most of the time reach out to the author if it’s possible to post it. The tools that we are using is hundred percent legitimate from scattering to different forums site to the top social media website and studying what people demand when it comes to pdf files.

Ebooks for Free

They said ebooks are dead most of the people are going online to watch, but watching will not give you thrill and excitement.  This is based on my personal experience I myself is a book lover I collect books in short. Investment, Trading, History, SCI-FI and even novel, yeah you are right. It’s a different experience when reading and holding a book and recently with technology change to android phones, ebook reader and stuff it’s very accessible that you don’t have to go to the bookstore and select the books that you like. A simple click and stuff can download the ebooks for free, however most of the time you need to pay for it.  


I almost tell you everything on my Mission but let me give you a brief history of this website.  It was year  2012 when most of webmasters are having issue with Google and stuff ranking website and spammy sites are on the rise. I managed different website and most of them are ranking, but since releasing different kind of algorithm I was hit by Panda, Penguin and different sort of animal, but that did not stop me from creating a website. I started from scratch learning the Google way, yes its difficult but the fact that you are reading and reaching the site mean I can still come back and start all over again. But – Why ebooks for free? Is it regarding competition or stuff NO – It’s all about your passion and loving what you do as I state on my mission I’m a book lover, however nothing is permanent in this world we are getting digital need to cope up with digital world. I might have some issue ranking this website, but doing nothing is not better that trying.

How We Start

I was creating a site using BlogSpot free service from Google to looking for a domain name from name cheap. Yes, we research on this no other way to outsource since most of us are computer “gurus” Building a site is not that complicated a work home mother can do it in three, two and one second. Now the hard part is ranking or getting some engagement. The first step is setting up Facebook with follower’s people who love ebooks or anything about pdf that they can download. Second is Twitter for the daily update to our followers and then Instagram, yes the social networking site, but we are giving it a twist. Picture we try to engage our follower and downloader by posting a selfie and giving us a positive comments. A user engagement is not too much to ask we would just like people to appreciate our effort on looking for their hard to find pdf ebooks.

About Us

That was literally the best description of About US – we are group of people who love pdf and sharing it online from offline books or traditional book that might become extinct in the near future. Us that want to continue people sharing and reading online – Watching is fun, however reading will ignite our imagination, fuel our desire and love our passion. People now a day’s might forget what a library look like, Not all might try having a quality time with a book and spending lots of hours doing research and staying silence for a day or writing down something- Ahh digital world it changes people a lot. Interaction might be less; however the knowledge and access to online resources are just in the tip of our finger.  I’m ending this page with a reason and keep on posting online content. Search for in you know it might be a free pdf download.